Graphic Design

Meghan Rose_Creative Resume
Giraffe Love
Harry Potter_Square Print
Baby Bear_Baby Shower Invitation 01
Baby Bear_Baby Shower Invitation 02
Baby Bear_Baby Shower Invitation 03
Mama & Baby Bear Thank You Card
Bridal Shower_How Old Was the Bride?
Bridal Shower_Disney Love Songs
House Portrait Brochure 01
House Portrait Brochure 02
Holiday Card_Spec Sheet 2018
Holiday Card Spec Sheet 2018
Twin Tack_Logo Options Sheet
Meg&Linds Avatars
BMF Vday Ad 02
BMF_Vday Ad 01
BMF Vday Ad 03
Pet Portrait Ad
House Portrait Ad 02
House Portrait Ad 01
Make Waves_Baby Shower Invite 2018
Sea Turtle Salt Scrub_Label Options
Baby Shower_Game Sign 2018
S.S. Parker - Diaper Ship Sign-01
Baby Shower_Guest Book Sign
Baby Shower_Bump Game Sign
Baby Shower Emoji Template
Baby Shower Emoji Template 02
Baby Shower_Calendar Sign 2018
Harry Potter Bookmarks Ad
Harry Potter Bookmarks_Gryffindors
Harry Potter Bookmarks_Friends
Harry Potter Bookmarks_Slytherins
Harry Potter Bookmarks
Star Wars Bookmarks
Star Wars Bookmarks_The Force Pack
Star Wars Bookmarks_Death Star Pack
Star Wars Bookmarks_Falcon Pack
Star Wars Bookmarks_Jedi Pack
Star Wars Bookmarks_Star Killer Pack
Star Buddies
Patuxent Bass Rods Logo -  Options Sheet
Sikorski Holiday Cards
Hail to the Roses
Love in States Wedding Invitation 01
Love in States Wedding Invitation 02
Love in States Wedding Invitation 03
Love in States Print
TheModernVeil - Logo Options 02-02
TopKo - Business Card Design 01
TopKo - Business Card Design 03
TopKo - Business Card Design 02
Presentation Title Concept Design Option
Presentation Title Concept 08
Presentation Title Concept 06
Presentation Title Concept 07
Presentation Title Concept 01
Presentation Title Concept 05
Presentation Title Concept 04
Lumberjack Invitation 01
Lumberjack Invitation 02-01
Lumberjack Thank You Card style 1
Lumberjack Thank You Card style 2
Lumberjack Thank You Card style 3
Lumberjack Thank You Card style 4
Presentation Title Concept 03
Presentation Title Concept 02
Star Buddies-01
BMF - MDS Ad-01
BMF - MDS Ad-02
BMF_VDay Ad 02
BMF_Vday Ad 01
Busy Mind Finds Logo
BMF_Etsy Cover Img-01
BMF_FB Cover Img_FB
Beauty in a Box_Business Card Mock 4
Beauty in a Box_Business Card Mock 3
Beauty in a Box_Business Card Mock 2
MD Pets_New Product Ad
MD Pets_Boston Terrier Style Detail
MD Pets_ New Product Ad Detail
The Boh Bag_New Product Concept Art
The Boh Bag_New Product Ad
Class of 2016 T-Shirt Design
Boh Jeep. 2016
You&Me Monogram
Rose Wedding Emblem. 2015
Beauty in a Box Logo. 2017
Engagement Typography
Media Center Redesign Concept Art 1
Media Center Redesign Concept Art 2
Department Photo
Corbett Wedding Emblem. 2017
Corbett_Koozie Bin_Graphic
Corbett_Wedding Program-01
Seating Chart Cards-01
Table Number Cards-01
Bridal Shower Spec Sheet 1
Erin's Wedding Shower_Plans-03 (1)
Bridal Shower Spec Sheet 3
Lets Get Nauti
You&Me Sheet Music Typography
Spring Break_Davis
Beerings Social Media Ad concept
Beerings_New Product  Social Media A
Let Yourself Grow. 2017
The Unveiling. 2017

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