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Marble Tile

I am a fun-loving, loud, and energetic artist. I am a lover of all media and artistic processes. Whether it's drawing, sculpture, painting, jewelry making, sewing, fabric arts, graphic design, photography - I'm into it!

During my experience as an art educator, I accrued an extensive knowledge of artistic media and processes and I've made it my life's mission to challenge myself
to harness and grow my artistic abilities and voice. 
I currently work as an instructional designer and a freelance graphic designer/artist/photographer.

I thrive on innovation and creativity and infuse such into life every day.  


I believe that an artist's experience is a timeless journey  fraught with constant highs and lows. We as artists have the unique challenge of encapsulating a visual result or concept to evoke delight, sentiment, or intrigue. I love to observe
my fellow artist 
brethren and I am so inspired (and humbled) by the immense capabilities and storytelling power of humans all over the world. I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of the coveted cohort of creators, makers, and innovators.

Please email me is you're interested in an art commission, photography session,
or an artful collab! <3


About Me

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