About Me

I am a fun-loving, loud, and energetic artist. I am a lover of all media and artistic processes. Whether it's drawing, sculpture, painting, jewelry making, sewing, fabric arts, graphic design, photography; literally anything artistic - I am all about it.

During my experience as an art educator, I accrued an extensive knowledge of artistic media and processes, as well as a unique and varied set of professional skills.
I left teaching to pursue new opportunities, to push myself professionally,
and to harness and strengthen my artistic voice. 

I am currently a graphic designer and freelance artist and photographer.
I thrive on innovation and creativity and infuse such into my life every day.
As an artist, I try to bring a little light into the world and invoke smiles with my craft. 
I believe that an artist's experience is a timeless journey and that one should always
push themselves for greatness; never settle and always embrace improvement.
Watch me as I continue my artistic journey!  Creativity is key. Art is LIFE!

Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in a photo shoot,
custom art piece, jewelry, or literally anything ARTY!